My SaaS content writing service:

I write helpful, research-backed blog articles designed to drive traffic and generate leads for martech and B2B SaaS brands.

My standard rates for long-form blog articles (typically 1500+ words) start at $325 per piece (USD). That includes:

  • Comprehensive research.
  • Supporting data.
  • Basic on-page search optimization for your chosen keyword.
  • A written draft that is almost ready to go.
  • Up to three revisions. 

Rates are quoted per project and depend on complexity, research requirements, and word count.

Although I’m not fast, I don’t miss deadlines. If I ever miss a deadline on a deliverable, you’re free to choose not to pay for it; it is all yours.

Since it takes me a lot of time and energy to produce a single premium article, I can only write 3–5 pieces per month. If you’re interested in my SaaS content writing service, let me know as soon as possible before my monthly content calendar gets filled out!